What to Eat and Do in BOSTON 2022 I Travel Guide I Travel Diaries Apart


I share what I eat and do while visiting the Boston and Cambridge area. Usually the video is just about food or about activities, but I thought it would be nice to put together a day and what it would look like. I had so much fun exploring the city with family and also visiting relatives!

00:00 – Intro
00:32 – Tatte Bakery and Cafe (Cambridge)
01:54 – Visiting Harvard Campus 2021 (Cabridge)
02:36 – Alive and Kicking Lobster Sandwich (Cambridge)
05:42 – Quincy Market & Samuel Adams (Boston)
07:57 – Union Oyster House Lobster Roll and Clam Chowder (Boston)
11:29 – Chinatown and Gaga Seafood Restaurant (Boston)
12:05 – Birthday at Bisuteki Tokyo (Cambridge)

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We started our trip back in April 2, 2019 from New York City. We quit our 9-6 jobs, sold all of our belongings, and began traveling full time. We left our jobs because we were unable to be with family and enjoy life. Work was taking up too much time and something had to change. We saved up for 2 years and began traveling as soon as we found a deal that would take us around the world for just 5.00. We started this #travelvlog to share our adventures with friends and family. At the one year mark, we realized that we had only scratched the surface and there was still so much to see. We are so fortunate to be doing this every day. We hope you enjoy our content and will subscribe to our adventures.

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