Techstars Boston Demo Day


Join us on Feb 16th to hear from 12 companies that are saving lives, saving the planet and changing the way we live and work. Techstars Boston demo day is the culmination of work and growth from the most recent class at Techstars Boston. Stream kicks off at 9:50am EST!

00:00 Introduction
10:50. Trova
17:32 Rivet
23:59 Sign-Speak
30:28 Two To Tango
36:26 BeAKid
41:26 NotedSource
48:11 Future
1:00:38 Tozuda
1:07:04 Speakbox
1:14:01 TuCann Medical
1:19:43 First Ascent Biomedical
1:26:01 Health Haven Rx

Boston, Massachusetts
BeAKid is the Airbnb of youth enrichment programs.

First Ascent Biomedical
Portland, Oregon
Developing personalized cancer treatment plans based on the biology of patients’ tumors and the response to multi-drug combinations, using individual DNA, RNA, and AI to pick the compounds that are most effective in treating an individual.

Silver Spring, Maryland
Future is on a mission to democratize climate smart living, empowering individuals and families to save money and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time, targeting savings of 40 million tons of Co2 over the next five years.

Health Haven RX
Boston, Massachusetts
Enables a digital-first pharmacy that saves consumers up to 80% on their prescriptions.

New York City, New York
NotedSource is a platform that helps companies engage experts, professors, and PhDs for Environmental, Social and Governance projects (ESG).

Boston, Massachusetts
Rivet is a unified platform to help musicians and creators understand their fan bases, from purchasing behavior and show attendance to social engagement.

Rochester, New York
Sign-Speak uses machine learning to automate sign language translation to help businesses communicate with Deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) individuals.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Speakbox saves time by optimizing clinical work, allowing clinicians to focus on providing high quality care.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tozuda has created a Head Impact Indicator that is entirely mechanical and reacts to the acceleration of an impact.

Boston, Massachusetts
Trova focuses on employee engagement using AI to connect & network employees forming stronger intra-company connections and driving employee engagement.

TuCann Medical
Melbourne, Australia
TuCann is redesigning the cannula device to be safer to use through innovations in design, user experience, and material science.

Two To Tango
Bogota, Colombia
Two To Tango is an AI-powered networking technology to automatically make intelligent and meaningful connections at online and in-person business events.

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