Midyear Startup Financing Trends : 2021


Join Manny Stockman and Margalit Haber of OUP’s investment team for a discussion on startup financing trends to understand current market behaviors among startups. This year, we will again discuss general venture activity and investment trends specific to OUP’s university startup network. The panelists will also include a retrospective look at the impact COVID-19 has had on investing trends to date.

The webinar will include a deep dive on each of the following topics:

– Last Year’s Trends. Which sectors saw the most funding and active investors in 2020?
– Trends since COVID-19. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the venture economy overall, and particularly in 2021? What is the venture economic outlook for the rest of the year?
– Current Investments. Who’s investing right now? At what stage?
– New Fund Strategies. What sectors are new funds focused on?
– Other Resources. What are reliable investing trend resources you can follow?

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