Boston New Technology Mobile Apps Startup Showcase #BNT107


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Products & Presenters:
1. catchvybz / @catchvybz – A free, local-entertainment search app, powered by a social media platform of crowd-sourced photos & videos. (Deirdre Neufeld / @DeeNeufeld) Tech: React Native (iOS and Android), Google Maps & Uber API’s.

2. HotSpotMe / @HotSpotMeApp – The ‘Uber’ for Wi-Fi Hotspots! (Robert J. Sabharwal) Tech: Android.

3. FolksPaper / @FolksPaper – Social journalism platform lets you earn as you post! (Ivan Linn) Tech: iOS, Android.

4. The Pond / @Pond_App – Meet Co-founders. Build Startups. The Pond curates high-quality matches between entrepreneurs to find their ideal co-founders and team members! (William Galebach) Tech: React Native (iOS and Android), Node/Express, PostgreSQL.

5. QuicWit / @QuicWit_Trivia – The World’s Most Impulsive Trivia Game! (Stephon McCoy / @TechStephon) Tech: iOS.

6. Native Voice OS – Native Voice is an open Voice OS for the rapidly growing hearable device market. (Harrison Ungar) Tech: Headset Hardware Firmware, iOS, Android.

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