Boston New Technology HealthTech Startup Showcase #BNT108


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Products & Presenters:

1. VIVO – Medical education for physicians & surgeons starting with Cardiovascular, using Machine Learning & Augmented Reality! (Nina Keshavarzi)

2. Healthynox – The world’s first AI-powered assistant for mental health powered by the research at Harvard University and MIT! (Lucas Roemer)

3. TendoNova: Ocelot™ tendon treatment system / @TendoNova – A novel technology that addresses chronic tendon pain at a low cost in office-based settings! (Roy Wallen / @Roy_Wallen)

4. Plank: Anatomical Intelligence / @PlankMats – Cracking the code for sustainable musculoskeletal behavior change, for accelerated pain relief and unprecedented strength! (Doreen Hing)

5. Embry Smart Insoles / @embry_tech – Smart shoe insoles which automate weight and physical activity tracking and help people maintain weight loss! (Liana Avetian)

6. Bento / @BentoDental – A modern alternative to insurance – providing affordable, transparent oral care for organizations and individuals! (Landon Lemoine & Jeremy Cutler)

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