5 Best Places to Visit in Massachusetts | US Travel Guide


5 Best Places to Visit in Massachusetts, United States

The sheer variety of experiences and tourist attractions in Massachusetts will astonish you. Boston itself combines the vibrancy of a modern university town and commercial city with treasured historic sights. Plymouth preserves – and recreates – the experience of New England’s earliest settlers. Throughout the state, you can visit the homes and studios of some of America’s most beloved writers and artists: Louisa May Alcott, Thoreau, Whistler, Longfellow, Melville, Norman Rockwell, and Daniel Chester French. But it’s far from all about culture and history. Whether you head for the ski trails of the rolling Berkshires in the west or the long white sands of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts is about kicking back and having a good time, too. Here five places to visit in Massachusetts, USA.

1. Boston and Cambridge
2. Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard
3. Salem and Cape Ann
4. Concord
5. Lexington

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