UNBOXING BOSTON: What It’s Like Living in BOSTON, Massachusetts


Is everyone in Boston crazy or what? Are people in Boston stuck up and rude? And does Boston have the most die hard sports fans of all?

We’re gonna answer those questions and a whole lot more. Like we’re going to talk about what it’s like to live in Boston, what all the different neighborhoods are like, and even talk to people who live there.

Boston. One of America’s finest cities. There’s tons of stuff to do here, it’s relatively safe and it’s EXPENSIVE. But it’s expensive in just about any coastal city in this country, come on now. Boston folks are tough and opinionated. But once you crack that outer shell, they’re pretty cool underneath. Boston is not necessarily an unfriendly place, but don’t expect anyone to say hello to you in passing.

Where are the good and bad areas in Boston and what parts of the city are good for you? Well, in order to know that, we should look at a map and see the different areas. Then we can look at each area one by one.

This is Boston. As you can tell, there’s lots of great areas and some really bad ones. Another couple themes we’ll see are that Boston is being gentrified FAST and it’s really expensive to live in the Boston metro area. Like double the national average. But that high price tag gets you good quality, everyone.

The crime is not too bad. If you measured the largest cities in the country, Boston doesn’t rank in the top 100 for bad crime. So that’s good.

Politics wise, this is a VERY liberal city. It actually ranks as the 5th most liberal city in the country when you measure voting patterns and past administrations.

A quarter of the population here claims Irish ancestry and that’s by FAR the highest in the country.

The job scene here is great and there’s a booming tech scene in Boston. Despite the fact that there’s a bunch of local smart college grads, sometimes, these tech companies can’t find enough people to fill all the open positions. City wide, only about 5% of Boston is out of work, putting it towards the bottom when it comes to the number of people out of work of all major US cities.

As you can see, the streets are really clean, and the parks are generally well kept.

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Shrewsbury MA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhQGDhuAFiM
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MANY awesome videos came from Lior Rozhansky, a Boston broker. Hit him up if you want to find a Boston home! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5olG_InGK5E86S60YoQsIw

Other videos came from Noune Karapetian, another Boston realtor. She’s great – and can ALSO help you find a Boston home! https://www.youtube.com/NouneKRealtor

Some videos were from ActionKid, who has a SUPER channel where he explores TONS of cities in America on foot! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBkcw8h7epT_bK0QzuY2Bmg

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Methadone Mile: Parker Harrington https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k-9JJaoBhc

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