Top 5 things to do in Boston, USA


Boston is one of the most beautiful cities in United States and also a historical one. There are many many things to see in Boston; we have chosen the top 5 attractions for you. Before travelling to Boston have a look at our Top 5 things to do in Boston video. You may find more information about Boston below…

About Boston
Boston has many images in the popular imagination: flashpoint of the American War of Independence, preserve of the patrician Boston Brahmins, powerbase of the Kennedy clan, next-door neighbour to Harvard University and home of the Red Sox. The city has also featured in popular TV series, and been the setting for films like Good Will Hunting and Mystic River. While it’s impossible to arrive in Boston without preconceptions, the city is big enough to adapt to your needs. History, shopping, great food and culture – Boston offers all these and more. But best of all, it is that rarity, a pedestrianised American city. From Boston Common you can walk, pleasantly and safely, to just about all the places that you’ll want to visit. This gives the city a much gentler, more welcoming feel than New York or Los Angeles, for example. The use of names rather than numbers for streets suggests an old city that has grown organically over a long period: Arlington, Dartmouth, Exeter, Gloucester and Hereford are street names that Boston shares with 18th-century London. No wonder the British visitor quickly feels at home. Sedate, intellectual, good-looking: Boston offers a refined antidote to other American cities.

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