TOP 25 BOSTON (ENGLAND – UK) Tourist Attractions (Things to Do)


25 things to do in Boston – England – UK

Top 25 best places to visit in Boston, United Kingdom by Explore Earth. Boston is a market and port town in Lincolnshire, east coast of England. Located about 160 km (100 miles) north of London. St. Botolph’s Church or The Stump is the most notable landmark in Boston.

There are beautiful tourist attractions in Boston – UK such as The Bubblecar Museum, Ark Wildlife Park & Exotic Animal Sanctuary, RSPB Frampton Marsh, St. Botolph’s Church, The Boston Woods Trust, Maud Foster Mill, Boston Guildhall, Blackfriars Theatre and Arts Centre, Boston War Memorial, Witham Way Country Park, Pescod Square Shopping Centre, Central Park, Fydell House, Herbert Ingram Statu, Boston’s Five Lamps, etc.

Other must visit places in Boston – England are Hussey Tower, The Church of Saint Peter & Saint Paul, Boston Tourist Information Centre, Flight Deck Reality, Boston Belle River & Sea Trips, Pots of Fun, Boston Bowl, Yellowbelly SUP and The Magpies Nest – Antiques & Collectables Centre.

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