Top 10+1 CAN’T MISS THINGS TO DO in Boston, Massachusetts


The Cradle of Liberty, or as locals refer to it “Beantown,” is Boston Massachusetts. From Paul Revere and Sam Adams, the Shot Heard Round The World, The Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre,The Boston Public Library, to the Curse of the Great Bambino, The Sam Adams Brewery, The Freedom Trail, and the Boston Public Garden, the City of Boston is and has been thriving with fun and history for over 300 years. This top10+1 video will educate you about all things Boston including the City Slang. With a population of just under 700,00 and being the US’s 21st biggest city, you will quickly get a sense of the city’s revolutionary spirit and history just by walking around. Over ¼ of the city has water near it. Boston, which is the capital city of Massachusetts, is the only capital city that is on a coast line. While exploring, be sure to visit many of Boston’s museums such as the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, The Museum of Science and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library, their old neighborhoods; some of which predate the country and the Green Monstah at Fenway park while taking in a Boston Red Sox game. We are just scratching the surface with this overview. Boston truly is a city of living history. So, let’s paak the car at harvard yard and gobble down some chowdah as we explore the top 10+1 things to do in Boston, Massachusetts.

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