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Have you ever gone out for a nice Italian dinner, with an appetizer, main course, and dessert, only to leave with a bill over 0? In this video, I am going to take you through the beautiful historic neighborhood of North End Boston, or Little Italy. I will share 3 of the best cheap eats that shouldn’t cost more than per venue!

After getting tired of pub-hopping, I and my friends wanted a different kind of alcoholic beverage. So we ventured to Caffe Vittoria in North End Boston. I went with the Caffe Vittoria which had Kahlua, brandy, and tiramisu liqueur (FANCY!). The atmosphere was also fantastic, which was great to see on a Saturday night.

A visit to North End Boston isn’t complete without eating some cannolis from Mike’s Pastry. Just a couple doors down from Caffe Vittoria, these cannolis are freshly pumped with ricotta cheese. I recommend the original ricotta, strawberry, and mint chip flavors. I believe each cannoli is about .50.

Finally, a night out in the North End isn’t complete without pizza, specifically…Regina Pizza! Regina Pizzeria serves up quick slices, a la New York. I believe the slices were around each. Something about the slice was very unique and tasted amazing. I think it was the sauce, combined with the crisp pepperoni.

In summary, these three places will give you a great taste (literally!) of Boston North End, without breaking your wallet!


North End Boston (Little Italy) – Best CHEAP Eats!




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