HUGE Lobster Roll Food Crawl in Boston! | The BEST Lobster Rolls in Boston!


Huge Lobster Roll Food Crawl in Boston! | Lobster Roll Food Tour/Crawl in Boston/New England! | The Best Lobster Rolls in Boston/New England! | What’s up everyone! Today’s video is a special video on ‘Where to Find The Best Lobster Rolls in Boston!’ since it’s about to be hot out and we’re all gonna be OUTSIDE this summer… what says summer more than Fresh Seafood and Lobster… In Rolls! Being in Boston and New England, we have access to the freshest lobsters so whether you’re from Boston, live in New England or just visiting, you need to watch this video! Let us know in the comments if there’s a place we missed or should visit!

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►Restaurant List►
James Hook + Co:
Neptune Oyster:
Bova’s Bakery:
Alive and Kicking:

►Video Key►
Preview: 0:00
Intro: 0:12
Lobster Roll #1 (James Hook + Co): 1:30
Lobster Roll #2 (Pauli’s): 4:30
Lobster Roll #3 (Neptune Oyster): 7:58
Lobster Tails/Desserts (Bova’s Bakery): 10:14
Lobster Roll #4 (Alive and Kicking): 11:45
Overall Lobster Roll Rankings: 14:37

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Shot by: Channou Aing
Matteo Greenberg

Edited by Evan Yee (Email [email protected] if you’re interested in editing for this channel!)

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