How to do a Boston Accent


Have you ever wanted to know how to sound like you are from Boston? How to do a Boston accent? Or how to sound like Mark Wahlberg in the Fighter, talk like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, speak like Ben Affleck in The Town, or drop your R’s like Casey Affleck in Gone Baby Gone? Well, you’re in luck. My hubby grew up in Massachusetts, and happens to have a rather sexy Boston accent, IMHO. So, if you want to speak like you’re from Boston, then you’ll want to watch this Boston accent tutorial.

Below are some bookmark links that will take you to specific times in the video. This should make it easier for you to revisit the sections of the video that you want to continue working on to sound like a Bostonian.

AR to AH 1:25
O to AWE 5:18
ER to AH 9:36
Combining Words 12:39
Letter Dropping 14:13
Intrusive R 14:50
Tricky Diphthongs 17:13

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