Eating INDIAN FOOD for 24 HOURS in BOSTON, Massachusettes!!



My epic trip through New England continued in one of my favorite cities in America, Boston! Come with me as I eat Indian food for 24 hours in Boston, Massachusetts!

Joining me on this trip is my good friend—and the chef and owner at The Farmer’s Dinner and Aatma Restaurant—Chef Keith Sarasin!


Our day began at Madras Dosa Company in the seaport area, where we’d have a delicious southern Indian breakfast. Inside, I met Sruthi and Babu, who explained that they make food the way they love it back home in India. You can watch the dosas be made on the individual griddles!

They have unique dosas that are sweet, savory, and more. They even have one that contains Lay’s potato chips! We got two dosas and an idli chaat that was topped with several things, including chana, mint chutney, yogurt, tamarind chutney, and sev.

Keith got a sweet dosa with pomegranate seeds, while mine was savory and contained chips and onions. I loved mine with the sambar! Then, I tried some of Keith’s with whipped cream. The combination was insane!

I also loved the dosa with the ginger chutney. It was like a sweet, pasty jam and is my favorite chutney of all time! Mixing the malai and ginger chutney was a game changer.

Next was the idli chaat, which was amazing! It was spicy, sweet, sour, and oh so good!

Then, we walked downtown to Vaanga, a cozy restaurant where you can buy lots of street food dishes, as well as burgers, biryani, noodles, and more. In the kitchen, I watched them make dosas, a lamb burger, biryani, masala fries, and more!

Their hakka noodles had a spicy kick and were full of fresh vegetables. The biryani contained nice, meaty chunks of lamb. Adding raita made it creamy and even tastier!

Next was the lamb masala burger, which contained cheese and onion. Lamb is my favorite meat, and this burger was unreal! The masala fries were also great. Overall, it totally beats any fast food burger and fries!

Then, we tried the paneer naan in the kitchen. I loved the hot bread and paneer inside! Back at our table, we jumped into the yellow dal, which was too good!

Our final stop was 1947 in Norwood, Massachusetts. But first we needed to walk back to the car and then make the drive south, because we were full and needed a break.

1947 was very modern but still had that Indian feel. It’s named after the year India gained its independence! They have 250 dishes on their menu!

In the kitchen, they made idli, dosas, and more. At our table, we had chicken 65 lollipops, which were moist and covered in an amazing gravy with ginger and garlic. The masala idli was spongy and unreal with the sambar. I loved the spiciness and fluffiness! The coconut and peanut chutneys were also unbelievable!

Next was tandoori pomfret, a fish dish from Kerala. It was tender, moist, and smoky. I loved the texture of the skin, too!

Then, we jumped on the Mysore dosa. The peanut chutney was delicious, as was the coconut. The dosa was crispy and doughy, and not too spicy. The peanut and coconut chutneys together were on another level!

Next, we tried the chicken chetna with the roomali roti, which is a huge roti. I could see lots of spices in the chicken! It was light but full of complex flavor. The roti with the yellow dal also blew my mind. It was so rich and creamy!

The gobi Manchurian almost felt like popcorn chicken! It was fried to perfection and not too spicy. What a day of eating Indian food in Boston!

Where have you been?

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