Boston Food And Fun(?)


A trip to Boston with friends for some wholesome food and fun. We had a blast.
I’d like to apologize for not uploading for a while. I had some serious personal issues to attend to and I finally had some time to upload again.
This is a trip I took early summer 2019 right before I went to my Chinese immersion school.
I hope you have fun watching this video as if you’re one of the gang. I just wanted to show an authentic day trip with friends in Boston in case anyone was interested in what that’s like.
Spring Shabu Shabu:
Tatte Bakery and Cafe (MANY locations in Boston!):
Tasty Burger:
Intro: Shoob Lastings: “Bop Down”
Noir Et Blanc Vie: True Art Real Affection Part 2
MK2: Move Out
Noir Et Blanc Vie: Still Not Rite
Wayne Jones: Toy Piano
LATASHÁ: Chef Brian
Bruno Freitas: Lush Dance
Gonzalo Cisternas: On My Way
Hiten Trivedi’s Film Photography Instagram:
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