Anders Around The World 12: Things to do around Boston, Mattapoisett and New York (video)


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Here you can also suggest topics for my adventure motorcycling DVD guide, which currently include:
– Pre-departure preparations
– Budgets & prices
– Up-to-date boarder crossing info
– Info on shipping motorcycles
– and gear review from me and other riders I meet

Who am I? I am just passionate motorcycles/internet/camera geek who film and ride with no plan, camera man, support crew, producers or money, so feel free to share, care, comment or even leave me a small tip on my website if you enjoy my videos.

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Unfortunately I am neither rich, sponsored or get paid to do this. So with no savings or bike, I quit my job, borrowed 30000 dollars from my bank and headed out on my life greatest adventure, well-knowing that the money would not get me all the way around. As my funds dry out, I have had to hustle my way south, writing articles for magazines and living on the charity of my viewers and the people I meet. It’s sometime scary, but also super exciting and life changing.

It’s a crazy plan… but it’s a plan
I strongly believe in the saying “No guts, no glory” and are taking it to the fullest with this adventure. Having just turned 30, with a girlfriend through the last 4 years, I know this is the last chance to do something as foolish as this, before I have kids and start a family.

So here I am. Balls to the wall, going for it, taking the chance, hoping that the sparks my passion creates can ignite the dreams of others. And that people will help me the rest of the way around the world, if I promise to keep my camera rolling and share my experiences.

Living my dream… ( but are broke and scared shitless every day )
Anders L. Hjorth

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