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Lauren had an audition in Boston and I take any excuse to travel so I tagged along. Although the weather wasn’t always in our favorite for a majority of the trip, we really did enjoy this New England state.

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Travel Details:
Our Airbnb – https://abnb.me/bsN2uXJgnT
Our hosts incredible travel story – http://turnrightattheamazon.com
Take $$ off your first stay with our code: https://abnb.me/e/tB4gVPz1BU

Bell-In-Hand – https://bellinhand.com/
Veggie Galaxy – https://www.veggiegalaxy.com/

Americano Espresso Cafe – https://www.americanoeb.com/
Porters (Not Featured) – https://www.portersbar.com/
Caffè Nero (Not Featured) – https://caffenero.com/us/

Quincy Market – https://faneuilhallmarketplace.com/
Boston Freedom Trail – https://www.thefreedomtrail.org/
Graffiti Alley – https://www.wheretraveler.com/boston/graffiti-alley
New England Aquarium (Not Featured) – https://www.neaq.org/

Equipment Used to Make This Video:
Camera – http://geni.us/4CAJM
Primary Lens – http://geni.us/LTNpQ2F
Microphone – http://geni.us/BOuHwy
All of my gear – https://tomcsawyer.com/gear
Video On Travel Gear: https://youtu.be/BVx4bBsb6tI

Be good, be safe – I’ll see you soon!

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