5 Ways To Help Avoid Separation Anxiety In Boston Terriers!


Are you worried about your dog developing separation anxiety?

In this video, I talk with Sarah Hodgson, a professional dog trainer, about how to avoid as well as help Boston Terriers with separation anxiety. Sarah walks us through five things you can do to avoid the development of separation anxiety.

5 Tips Sarah Outlines In The Video (see time stamps below to jump to these tips in the video)
1. Create a schedule.
2. Create a happy place.
3. The peekaboo solution.
4. Teach your dog to say please.
5. Master departures & arrivals.

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
2:17 The Difference Between Isolation Distress And Separation Anxiety
6:23 Signs Your Boston Terrier Might Have Separation Anxiety
9:47 Tips On How To Help Your Dog Self Soothe To Avoid Separation Anxiety
9:59 Tip #1 Create A Schedule For Your Boston Terrier
11:39 Tip #2 Create A Happy Place For Your Dog
11:50 Do Not Crate A Dog Who Already Has Separation Anxiety
13:37 Tip #3 The Peekaboo Solution When Your Dog Is Acting Out
17:34 Tip #4 Teach Your Dog To Say Please
23:52 Tip #5 Departures & Arrivals – How To Properly Do Them.
30:29 Sarah Talks About The Virtual Training She Offers
38:11 Outro


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