Boston Restaurants

If you thought Boston was full of stodgy New England fare you will be pleasantly mistaken, restaurants serving all cuisines are available to tempt your taste buds. Italian is big in the North End, all styles of Asian fare can be found in Chinatown and of course, seafood still reigns number one on Boston menus.

Most restaurants open for lunch and dinner, although some of the finer dining establishments only serve dinner. It is hard to get a late-night feed in Boston as most restaurants are closing their doors at 10 or 11 pm.

Tipping is a standard procedure in America. In a restaurant that provides a sit-down meal the norm is to tip 15% of the food bill for good service and 20% for exceptional service.

Have a look at these Boston restaurants when you visit Boston.

Boston Fine Dining

This elegant eatery is well known in the upper echelons of Boston. Charles Hotel, Cambridge (617 661 5050)

The Pearl
A very inventive menu with seafood and Asian influences.12 Federal Street, Nantucket (508 228 9701)


Boston French Restaurant

569 Tremont St. (617 424 8577)

The menu is filled with exotic and luxury ingredients, however, the prices are exotic and luxurious as well. 8 High Street, Downtown (617 661 5050)

Boston Italian Restaurant

Mamma Maria
All the usual Italian fare is available at this popular Boston eatery. 3 North Square (617 523 0777)

364 Hanover Street (617 367 1123)

Trendy Italian with new twists to the old classics which makes it an unusually good dining experience. 69 Prince Street, North End (617 248 8814)

Boston Seafood Restaurant

Barking Crab
Good value seafood, buckets of craps and plenty of beer can be found here. 88 Sleeper Street (617 426 CRAB)

Jasper White’s Summer Shack
This funky roadside diner is always full to the brim with people wanting to taste the clambakes and corn dogs. 50 Dalton Street, Back Bay (617 867 9955)

Union Oyster House
If you would like to be in the same place that JFK slurped his oysters then this is your restaurant, it is also the oldest restaurant in Boston. 41 Union Street (617 227 2750)


Boston Thai Restaurant

King and I
Good, cheap Thai food is served here, a large menu offers a good vegetarian selection as well as curries. 145 Charles Street (617 227 3320)

Rod Dee
94 Peterborough Street (617 859 0969)

Boston Chinese Restaurant

China Pearl
This very popular Chinese restaurant offers carts of food for you to select from. 9 Tyler Street (617 426 4338)

Jumbo Seafood
You know the seafood is fresh when it goes swimming past you, in the tanks that is. Seafood and Chinese combined here makes good dining. Hudson Street, Chinatown (617 542 2823)

Peach Farm
This is where the locals eat, so it must be good, an added bonus is the food is cheap. 4 Tyler Street, Chinatown (617 482 3332)

Boston Vegetarian Restaurant

Buddha’s Delight
This hole in the wall eatery is cheap and a vegetarian’s dream. 3 Beach Street, Chinatown (617 451 2395)

Boston Best View Restaurant

Top of the Hub,
Prudential Center (617 859 0648)

Boston Steak Restaurant

Grill 23 & Bar

161 Berkeley Street (617 542 2255)