Politics in a Pandemic: A Patchwork of Responses to the Pandemic in Comparison


The COVID-19 pandemic is a global event unlike any other experienced in the contemporary era. Its size, scope, reach, and implications are enormous, ongoing, and unequal. Outcomes — from how people all over the world will live their daily lives to whether democracy will survive — are all in question.

In this first installment of a new 9-week summer survey course, Sebastián Royo, Ph.D., an expert on Southern European politics at Suffolk University, sits down with Mahrukh Doctor, Ph.D., an expert on Latin America focusing on Brazil at the University of Hull, and Vivien Schmidt, Ph.D., an expert on European political economy and institutional legitimacy at Boston University.

This free, 9-week-long lecture series is designed to be a broad survey of many of the themes most of interest to political scientists and public policy experts and is part of an online course Suffolk University is offering this summer to incoming students. Panelists discuss the differential impact of the pandemic around the world, and the differential responses across nations, comparing countries, regions and states in the context of democracy, populism, public trust, and compliance.


Listening assignment:
Council on Foreign Relations “Epidemics in World History”

Weather Conditions & Covid-19 Transmission

“What History Can Teach Us About Building a Fairer Society after Coronavirus” by Richard Sayeed

Civic Engagement Activity & Reflection
Students will be required to engage in at least one civic / political engagement event of their choice during the course of the term and document this with a short reflection essay. The type of event you attend remotely is up to you. It can be a a virtual town or city hall meeting with local or state representatives, a meeting of an activist group, etc. The reflection must draw on the assignments and your own additional research. Members of the public who wish to write and share their reflections should post a link in the comments and/or on Twitter and tag @ForumNetwork and @supolscilegal.


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