Mayor Walsh addresses small businesses in Boston


Boston’s 40,000 small businesses are at the heart of our economy and our community. We depend on them. And that’s never been more clear than it is now.

Since this situation began, our Small Business team has been in the neighborhoods, talking with businesses and responding to their immediate needs.

Here’s a few more things we’re doing:
– We are working on a guidebook for businesses that want to offer take-out and delivery.
– We’ll also offer one-on-one technical assistance
– A platform for job-seekers looking to be hired as delivery drivers or shoppers.
– We’re also working on something called “Support Boston Restaurants.” It’s a directory for residents to know which businesses are open. Businesses can verify they are open and share info about gift cards, delivery services, and more.
– We conducted the first of a series of surveys to track your needs. More than 1,100 businesses responded to the first survey. There will be more surveys, so please share your voice: at

And visit to learn more.

This is a time of unprecedented challenge. One thing we know: to get through it, and bring our economy back to full strength afterwards, we are going to need our small businesses. Thank you for all you do.

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