Boston new subway trains,“green business card” from CRRC


We all know that the effects of global warming are getting worse. This will not only lead to environmental degradation, but also the declining nature of human health, as well as animals and plants. A big reason for global warming is greenhouse gas emissions. Take Boston for an example. In Boston, about three million people use cars as their main modes of transportation every day. The greenhouse gases the city produces have a negative impact on the local environment and the health of residents.
On the contrary, subways powered by electricity does not emit greenhouse gases, has a large carrying capacity, and will not suffer from traffic jams. This mode of transportation is being welcomed and sought after by more and more countries and regions.
Compared to the old subway in Boston, the city’s new subway vehicle developed by CRRC not only eases local traffic pressure, but also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The trains on the new orange and red line subway lines makes full use of more environmentally friendly raw materials and environmentally friendly designs to improve energy efficiency and maximize environmental benefits. We believe that with more of such new trains, we can promote green travel and drive the development of related new and clean energy industries. On the other hand, we also hope that this will protect the local flora and fauna.
Boston’s new trains are not only a “green business card” for CRRC to the world, but we also hope to take this opportunity to make greater contributions to improving the global environment.

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